Words that put your brand’s best face forward — driving conversions, inspiring prospects, and creating a customer base that devours what you have to offer

What you want:

  • Website copy and content that you won’t read anywhere else, because you’re one in a million 7 billion
  • Landing pages, ebooks, e-newsletters, and more that convert — while playing a super strategic role in your marketing plan
  • Personality-driven copy that’s polished and ready to put on the page … because you’re a small biz owner with a lot going on, and you know when to hand off projects to a professional

Baby, I’ve got it:

Hi, there! I’m Emily, and I’m a freelance copywriter with a background in small business copywriting and marketing. A few of my favorite hobbies: playing with my cat, eating ice cream, and reading — though not boring business copy. Unfortunately, that’s what most of the web is made up of.

Let’s change that, together.

You know what your clients and prospects want, and I know how to make your ah-mazing offer sound irresistible. You + Me = Sticky copy that attracts clients like flies to flypaper (or like butterflies to a beautiful flower, if you’d prefer a gentler metaphor).


“Emily Matras is a confident copywriter who has helped us implement important marketing vehicles for our business. My expectations were very high — and she has not been only able to reach my expectations, but exceed them, which has given me the confidence to continue to think about how we can work together.”

– Mike Kerbelis, Southern Travel Agency

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Check out my small business copywriting services — including website copy packages, custom content marketing, product descriptions, and PR — that cut to the heart of what your business is all about:

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