Marketing content and copywriting services for small businesses with big personalities

Smart copy is the foundation of any savvy marketing plan. And for small businesses with marketing budgets that work hard and stretch far, every word counts. Don’t waste your time, money, and your prospects’ short attention spans with fluff and filler.

Work with me to:

  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded market with polished, personality-packed web copy
  • Build a list of warm prospects ready to buy with bespoke content
  • Pass off your writing projects to a professional (that’s me!) to clear up your plate and keep your business moving forward

My most popular copywriting and content services include:

Website Copywriting

Content Marketing and Blogging

For businesses with an online presence (and that’s pretty much all businesses these days), your website is your virtual storefront. Get clients in the door — and keep them there — with smart, strategic copy that tells your story and gets you sales. I have several website copy packages tailored to small business needs, or we can create a special package just for you. You’ve got a lot of good ideas to help your clients. Let me help you get them down on (virtual) paper with blog posts, reports and whitepapers, e-newsletters, and more. Keep your website fresh, your prospects engaged, and your client list growing with one-of-a-kind content.



Email Campaigns

The ultimate lead magnet. Position yourself as the go-to guru in your field, and convince your prospects that you know what the heck you’re talking about. It’s easier than you think! (With my help, of course). Plus, having “published author” on your resume is pretty baller.


Launching a new product or service? Attending a conference full of prospects? Collecting email addresses through an awesome online lead magnet? Then you need an equally awesome follow-up email campaign, one that keeps your new prospects’ interest and inches them closer and closer to the “buy” button — until, “click!” You’ve got yourself a sale. Let’s design, write, and implement one together.



“Emily Matras is amazing — for my newsletter, she creates written material in my “voice” and “essence,” where the words jump off the page and transport the reader to a place or time beyond the here and now. My clients love reading my newsletter because of Emily’s natural ability to create great copy. She knows what resonates with readers and targets the material to touch their heart and soul!”

– Debra Harris, Life’s Journey Travel


Got questions? Want a quick quote or details about web copy packages? Tell me a bit about your project or needs, and I’ll give you more info to get the ball rolling. 

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